• It’s Kitty Stars Time

    Posted on April 13, 2011 by in Watson Family

    Wanda’s cell phone rang. “Where are you guys?” Wanda’s sister, Shirley, asked. “Kenny made a wrong turn, and now we’re finally in the parking lot,” Wanda replied upset. “Miranda’s team is up next,” Shirley said urgently. Wanda was a little peeved with me. I headed east off the route 193 when I should have headed west. I corrected my error about six miles down the road, but it looked like we were going to be late for the performance. “We are hurrying,” Wanda said. We entered Cole Field House gymnasium on the campus of Univ. of Maryland. We looked in the gymnasium and saw Wanda’s sisters (three of the five were there) waving frantically and pointing for me to go down to the front row. I pulled out my camera and started adjusting the settings as I walked down the stairs. A few seconds later, the girls were announced. “Let’s hear it for the Kitty Stars!” I was tired, sweaty, and breathing heavy, but more importantly, I was ready!

    My niece, Miranda, always starts with a backwards flip, and then stops abruptly for a nice scream to greet the judges and the crowd, and I always capture that shot. The girls were dead on today. They flipped and hurled themselves into a first place finish. I got a lot of playful feedback from other parents about how I ONLY take pictures of my niece and not the other girls there. “It is as if she has her own personal photographer”, one woman noted. Okay, okay, I will try to capture more of the other girls—maybe next time. :) Congratulations ladies! For more images, click the image above.