• Thanksgiving Day Video – 2004

    Posted on February 16, 2012 by in Family Video, Watson Family

    It’s that time of the year again where we all meet for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, the festivities took place in the Bullock’s household. We were very happy to have family friend of 20 years, Michelle Williams and her daughter, Dionna, and Roscoe P. Coltraine (the little doggie) to ride up from NC. Whitney invited a couple of her classmates to come, Ariana and Genty (very sweet girls). Jackie couldn’t make it this year; sorry to hear that Jackie was not feeling well on Thanksgiving. But, we remembered her with that song she desperately had to find that day…but that’s another story. We hope you are feeling well, Jackie.

    We began the dinner with a family prayer given by brother Richard. The food was great, and I want to thank all the cooks especially Wanda and Michelle for working very hard in the kitchen wee hours of the night. At least we didn’t have to eat Shirley’s nasty potato salad.

    And yes, you know the night couldn’t go by without Uncle Richard under minding Uncle Kenny again! After weeks of planning to find Miranda the best toy that Uncle Kenny was going to give her, Miranda starts playing with her favorite toy–the dancing Elmo doll. Again, my plans were ruined, and Richard (laughing his head off) knew it. I was devastated. How does he know? How does he do it? He couldn’t possibly know I was planning to buy my sweet niece this toy! I am even more determined to NOT let Uncle Richard spoil my ultimate plan. I will give Miranda her new favorite toy and she will forget all about that stinking Elmo doll!