• Cousins Hanging Out

    Posted on January 10, 2013 by in Bullock Family

    DSC_8472-EditMeet my nephew Corey!  He’s my brother Keith’s youngest son and they live in Florida.  Early this summer, we met up in North Carolina for a quick visit.  He’s my only nephew that inspires to take pictures.   A few years ago, I noticed how intrigued he was looking at my camera, so I placed one in his hands and that began the constant urging to get a camera. He bugs my brother constantly by emailing him camera ads and prices for the camera he wants.  My cheap brother calls me complaining, and I sit back and laugh and toss in my two cents just to keep things interesting.  See, Corey doesn’t want just any old camera, he wants the camera that Uncle Kenny has.  Hey, I can’t help it if he idolizes his Uncle Kenny.  Keith, get that boy a real camera!  I got your back Corey.